Monday, January 4, 2010

Spending my new year... crafting!

How has everyone's new year been so far :) What are we in day 4 now and I want it to be Christmas again! I have spent these last 4 days crafting. I have signed up for quite a few fun swaps as well as hosting some of my own. I love button fairies. (See photos in older posts.) There are not too many swaps on button fairies so I decided to host two of my own. A Valentines button fairy and an April Fools button fairy. I also recently participated in a bright pink button fairy. I was able to finish the bright pink and Valentines button fairies, but I am completely stuck on what to do for my own swap, the April Fools button fairy. I thought I would instantly come up with an idea, but have yet to do so. I even walked around a few craft stores yesterday to see what I could come up with. How do you get inspiration?

I am also working on a few journals right now. An altered journal for a swap and a 'How to be a Stepford Wife' journal. The last one there has been taking some time I can tell you that. I feel I should be getting started on my Valentine crafts but with Swapping and other obstacles in life (aka bills) I have been putting it off.

I am still searching for a job. Where I live jobs are very hard to come by unless you want to go work fast food (trust me, I have done it before, no need to do it again). I know I have good qualities about me and I am a great employee with a lot of experience in many different areas, but still I get nothing. Or I get an offer that would have me make less than what little I am already receiving on unemployment. No Thank You! So that is what my resolution is this year... to find a good job that will support my mad crafting habit :) And thrift shopping habit too, can't forget about that one! Will be posting pictures of my fabulous button fairies soon!