Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Belated Holiday!!

Wow... what a month. Super busy! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday. I went on vacation for eight days and DID NOT want to come back home. I asked for "craft stuff" and that is sure what I got. Random embellishments, stickers, a craft book, a scissor set, a sewing box filled to the brim. I also came across my new obsession, Somerset magazines. Studio, Gallery, Life.... they are all so amazing and I am addicted already. Mixed-media art is lovely and I already dog-eared everything I want to try. My new years resolution (one of them at least... the list is dreadfully long) is to try all the crafts I have always wanted to try. The only thing I have to complain about is the fact that they cost $15 each. And they are impossible to find in my area without driving a ways out of my town. If anyone has any that they are done with, send 'em my way pretty please.

I started two swaps on Swap-bot: a Valentine's button fairy swap and an April Fools Day button fairy swap. I hope they are both successful as they are my first swaps I have hosted public. I have so many ideas and I will have many photos to come.

Another successful trip to Goodwill! I purchased yet another scrabble game (my 5th one, haha) a vintage bingo game, cards and pieces all included, a vintage card deck with gorgeous flowers on them and an vintage rare cookbook. I can't wait to use them all (minus the cookbook) for my attempts at making mixed-media art. Any words of wisdom, please throw them my way.

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