Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My First Altered Craft Item... Altered CD!!!

I think it turned out pretty good if you ask me! This altered CD is for my swap partner all the way up in Canada. It is for the A is for Altered Item swap. She stated in her profile that she likes red and glitter, so I wanted to incorporate both of those. I had never made one before, leaving the back CD altered-less, so I hope that is okay. Any words of advice from someone who has made these before would be appreciated. Did I do okay? Was I supposed to not to anything to the back? I am trying to get all of my swaps out that my partners are assigned for. I sent all ten of my ornament swaps out, had to buy more tape and envelopes for that, and all together including shipping, it cost me about $30, including all supplies. Sheesh... not sure if I want to do that again, at least when I don't have a steady income, like right now. Now I am left to just send one more swap out before Christmas. Oh craft store, how much money you have cost me. I need to still buy for two more people. It is coming up quick too. What to get them... I better figure that out quick. Is everyone done doing their shopping?

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