Wednesday, December 2, 2009

3,600 Bottle Caps....

That is what she said when I talked to her on the phone. I am not sure why she knew how many there were. Unless everyone was trying to figure out how much beer they have been drinking. I listed on CraigsList under the wanted section that I wanted bottle caps. A college girl wrote back saying she had 3,600 of them... for free. Score! I don't really need all of those, but they might come in handy next Christmas when I do some bazaars. I already have all my ideas written down. I need a year to get all of my crafts done so by next November/December I can have a booth at all of the bazaars they have around here. I guess I will just hold onto them until then. I also have been trying to finish up my ornaments for my ornament swap I am in. I was to make ten of them. It has been taking me so long because I don't get to sit much and focus on a craft with two children in the house (my daughter and boyfriend, haha). I made a stocking stuffed and added a glitter initial letter to it, a initial on each stocking for all my swap-partners. I hope they like it. I also hope that all of the glitter stays on the letter by the time it reaches them. Two of my partners are overseas so I am a tad bit worried about that. Any tips for keeping glitter in place on cardstock??? I also made my Mom a button fairy for one of her gifts. She loved the other one I made. Since she loves red and black I made her one using those two colors. I have become quite a hoarder when it comes to craft things. If I see cute images or what not in catalogs or even junk mail, I cut them out to hopefully someday use. I went through my recipe box (it is stuffed full) and came across some... whats the flavored syrups that you buy to put in coffee drinks, starts with a B maybe.... anyways, I used to get mail from them with recipes for drinks. They sent me a cute fold-out paper thing with the cut-out heads of a man and a women holding hands and then it folds out with the recipes on their bottom halves. I cut one of the woman's heads off and glittered her hair with a light yellowish glitter and her cheast part with red chunky glitter and glued that on to the button fairy. It turned out so cute. I am happy I kept that recipe book from them. It came in very handy!


  1. When I do glitter on card stock I use the super fine sparkles. I put the glue on my finger and spead it on where I want it super thin. You will never be able to tell you used glue and the glitter will be lovely!

  2. If you find the weight of one bottle cap. then weigh the entire bag. subract the weight of the bag. and then divide that number by the weight of one bottle cap you will know how many you have! (as if you have all the extra time in the world to do this)haha it would work! I would like to see pics of what you do with them. I have started a small collection too!