Thursday, November 5, 2009

Craft night at my place!

What a great night! I am part of a group locally called Boredom Busters. It is off of the website I hosted a craft night at my place, first time hosting anything, and I had a great night. I was able to work on some craft items to send to my swap-bot partners. I made one partner who listed she liked flames and handmaking earrings on her profile so I made her stud flame earrings with a smiley face on them out of Shrinky Dinks. They turned out great! I will post pictures tomorrow. I am in need of a new memory card. My boyfriend decided to take mine out of the camera for his Wii, very necessary, I know :) Shrinky Dinks are cheap and a great way to make just about anything. After that first pair turned out so well I have came up with so many other styles of earrings I want to make now. Maybe someday I will have my own Etsy shop of Shrinky Dink earrings.....

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