Friday, November 6, 2009

Estate Sale Items

Today was a great day for estate sale shopping in my town. Generally I go every weekend to at least three. I live in a small city which occasionally has at least one estate sale a weekend. There are also two other small cities about 25 minutes away from mine that I will travel too to go to estate sales. I am lucky if one out of the three I go to have good items. Today was a great day despite my normal luck estate sale shopping. My city had three and all three had great stuff. I ended up spending $30 and got a TON of great deals. I bought a $5 box of fabric, a $5 box full of knitting needles, crochet needles, yarn, patterns, a calender craft of some sort with the year of 1967 on it, an embroidered pillow front and the rest of the kit to make it into a pillow, a bag full of ribbon and another full of vintage buttons, three knitted or crocheted toddler sweaters and a matching bonnet, a bag full of lace, and a bag full of random extras. Yes $10 for all of that. Then at another house I bought a vintage plaid lunch pail, so cute, for $3, a purple box filled with adorable stationary for $5, a very very antique book filled with old written and printed recipes, some from 1950 for $5 (cause I love to cook with old recipes), a really cute top for $2 (not pictured), three vintage fold up christmas decorations for $2, and an adorable embroidered pillowcase with a women and an umbrella on it for $3. I can put all of that for good use. There is another one tomorrow I was going to go to, but I don't know if I want to push my luck. That one is 25 minutes away and with how good today went, I have a feeling I will drive over there and it will be terrible. I have done that quite a few times, oh it is not fun. Should I take the chance?!?

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  1. So I took the chance and it was a bad one for sure! We drove there, found the street, and drove up and down the street wondering where the house was, checked to make sure we were on the right street and we were, because there were zero cars. We finally found it, and it was a total dump and no one was there. The house was locked up. I have my doubts about ever driving there again for another estate sale, yet again I was let down. Went back to a previous one, today was 1/2 off day and got some cute scores. Pictures will be posted later!