Monday, November 23, 2009

Martha Stewart and Christmas Ornaments

Ornaments. I have to hand-make ten of them for a swap on swap-bot. I am so thankful that a whole month was given because my idea had changed already three or four times. I originally wanted to use burlap, but was afraid of customs issues with a few of my partners in other countries. I really liked this idea using a foam ball and fabric, but then shipping costs would be outrageous due to the box I would have to use to house those safely to their destinations. So just watching Martha Stewart this morning I am feeling inspired. I have a brilliant idea in my head, and I didn't even see it on her show. She did however inspire me to do a few things on Thanksgiving. Those place cards.... adorable. And free templates too. I will be getting those ornaments done today and will post pictures later this evening. Anyone notice the button-fairy that I posted a few days ago? Is this something you would like to receive? For my first one, I am a little worried. I am sending it to someone who I am pretty sure knows her stuff when it comes to button fairies. I also saw a few pictures on Flikr of people's fairies that they made for this swap. They are really really good. Please, if you have any criticism, please let me know.

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  1. Your button fairy looks great! I have looked at pictures of soooo many button fairies. Very pretty! Where did you get your pack of ATC cards?